vrijdag, 03 december 2010

Esma Redzepova: Queen of the Gypsies

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Esma Redzepova was born in Skopje (Macedonia) in 1943 to a Rom-Jewish family.  She was the first Balkan performer to make Romani music popular with non-Rom in the early 1960’s.

In 1957, age 14, she was personally invited to sing at a school talent contest for Radio Skopje. This concert proved to be the start of her career. National band leader and future husband Stevo Teodosievski invited her on his tour. Since then, Esma has toured more than 4 decades with Ensemble Teodosievski, performing in excess 8000 concerts, among which 2000 humanitarian, in over 30 countries. She recorded 20 albums, 108 singles and 6 movies.

Esma’s career is a never-ending unusual narrative of life among the sometimes 400 concerts a year, countless humanitarian concerts and actions. But above all she and her late husband adopted 47 boys and educated them in music and cultural traditions. For her charity and her work with refugees and underprivileged Roma she was nominated for the Nobel Price for Peace in 2003.

Her best known single is ‘Caje Shukarije’ (listen to the video). The song became also popular in West-Europe by the cover of Goran Bregovic  and Esma’s version was used (without her permission) on the soundtrack for the 2006 Borat movie.

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