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At least 17 people are dead after a tourist boat capsized on Macedonia's Lake Ohrid on Saturday morning.

Health Minister Bujar Osmani confirmed the death toll to local media. He said that several others are fighting for life in the Ohrid hospital. Six people have been hospitalised.
The identities of those killed have yet to be confirmed.
Media reports from the spot say the boat, called Ilinden, capsized some 200 metres from the shore, with a Bulgarian tourist group on board. The lake is estimated to be around 20 metres deep at the site of the accident.

The Captain's Charge of Port in Ohrid said the ship was made in Germany in the 1920s and was properly tested and registered for 45 passengers. However, at the time of accident 74 tourists were on board, 62 of them Bulgarian citizens.
This has prompted speculation that the cause of the disaster was overcrowding. Nonetheless, the cause of the accident will only be determined after investigative teams conduct a check of the sunken boat.

People from a tourist camp near the accident site were the first to come to the aid of the vessel's passengers, saving several, reports say.

A massive rescue and recovery operation was launched, with snorkeling teams also dispatched.
Transport Minister Mile Janakieski has offered his resignation due to the accident, telling the local A1 television station that this move was prompted by "moral reasons".
"Sunday will be proclaimed a day of mourning", the government said in a statement. An extraordinary government session will be held later today to mark the tragedy. Several ministers and President Georgi Ivanov have already visited the site of the accident.
Representatives of the Bulgarian Embassy are also present in Ohrid, and Sofia is to send a special plane to take its surviving nationals home. Local media report that Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov is due to arrive in Macedonia this afternoon.

Lake Ohrid is Macedonia's primary tourist destination. Tour boats regularly travel along the lakeside, ferrying tourists from the town of Ohrid to and from the Orthodox monastery complex of St. Naum, near the border with Albania.  (Source: BIRN)


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